Unveiling Whimsy: The Newest Eric and Eloise Collection Treasures

5 new busts from the eric and eloise collection


Dive deep into the enchanting world of the Eric & Eloise Collection at Thomas Lee Living. With the unveiling of new busts, portrait pots, and bowls, each piece inspired by the cherished characters of Eric the Hare and Eloise the Fox make a perfect addition to beloved Eric and Eloise storybook characters created by Jessica Hiemstra, who's wall mounts that have been in high demand. We invite you into a magical world where each quality metal piece narrates a part of their whimsical adventure. These meticulously crafted oil rubbed bronze finish additions promise not just to decorate, but to enchant your living space with charm and imagination.

The Artistic Brilliance Behind Every Creation Exceed our Expectations

The creative force behind these captivating pieces, intertwines craftsmanship with storytelling, transforming the Eric & Eloise Collection into a narrative-rich experience. Utilizing a diverse palette of materials, including cast aluminum and an oil-rubbed bronze finish, Accent Decor ensures every piece from their signature wall mounts to a tabletop accent is a portal to whimsy and wonder, embodying the adventures and spirits of its characters. Jessica Hiemstra created these stories and characters specifically to create cute decor of a variety of dimensions and shapes. Until now, wall mount and Christmas stocking holders were the main collection. All the pieces were able to hand on the wall or mantle. Now there are many new pieces of all the characters including Eric the Hare with his charming monocle, Charlie the Goose dressed in his scarf and his aviator glasses and Emerson the Pheasant with his fancy top hat and feathers. There are so many opportunities to place these accessories around your home beyond the wall or mantle and enjoy these pieces year round.

Exceptional Craftsmanship in Detail

Explore the exquisite craftsmanship of the latest Eric & Eloise additions, where the intricate details of each piece—from busts to candy and nut bowls—narrate the cunning of Eric and the elegance of Eloise. These pieces are designed not merely as decor but as narratives, enriching your home with depth and imagination. The wall mounts and stocking holders have been hugely successful for the past few years. Now we are adding many tabletop pieces making it easier to display and enjoy these woodland creatures year round. Bust figurines, porcelain portrait pots, linens and serving pieces open up all sorts of opportunities to find whimsy and the perfect addition from the new decor.

Eric & Eloise new portrait pots

Embark on an Adventure: Secure Your Favorites

In celebration of the expanding Frankie the Stag and Friends boundless creativity and the unwavering support of our community, we invite you to pre-order these masterpieces. Each new addition to the Eric & Eloise Collection is a testament to shared creativity and passion, brought to life through the support of enthusiasts like you. From smallest to the most grand, Louis the Mouse stands mighty next to his regal friend Eugene the Moose. There are nine characters who play out in this story. Which one speaks to you?

Your Invitation to Magic Awaits

Venture into the magical world of the Eric & Eloise Collection on Thomas Lee Living's website. Here, the latest creations by Jessica Hiemstra are available for pre-order, offering you the chance to bring a piece of this enchanting narrative into your home. With the pre-order option, secure your desired item today and ensure it finds a place in your narrative the moment it becomes available. These new pieces should be arriving late Spring and are already selling out quickly. Shop now with confidence. This handcrafted collection made in Nepal packs a whole lot of personality for the price. Don't miss out.