Eric and Eloise:
Storybook Inspired Wall Mount Decor

By Artist, Jessica Hiemstra

A Tale of Friendship and Adventure

"Eric and Eloise," the children's book series penned by Jessica Hiemstra, serves as the creative wellspring for the "Frankie the Stag & Friends" collection. This beloved story, rich in narrative and imagination, captures an unlikely friendship between a hare named Eric and a fox named Eloise, setting the stage for a series of whimsical adventures.

A world where the whimsical intertwines with elegance, Frankie the Stag & Friends brass finish wall mount sculptures are more than just accent decor; they are a narrative unfolding on your walls. These sculptures, inspired by Jessica Hiemstra's enchanting children's book, "Eric & Eloise" invite you to add a touch of storytelling to your home. []

Bringing Characters to Life: From Book to Brass

Each character in the "Frankie the Stag & Friends" collection, from "Eric the Hare" to "Eloise the Fox," finds its origins in the pages of Hiemstra's book. The transition from literary characters to brass wall mounts is a journey of artistic transformation, where the essence of each character is captured in bronzed aluminum, ready to adorn the walls of those who cherish storytelling and art.

The Essence of Storytelling in Decor

Hiemstra's Eric & Eloise collection is not just a series of home accent decor items; it's a homage to the power of storytelling. These pieces, serving as accent decor, invite the magic of Hiemstra's narrative into homes, transforming spaces into chapters of a living story.

A Whimsical Addition to Any Room

The "Eric and Eloise" series is a cornerstone for imaginative decor. Integrating Eric the Hare and friends into home settings, be it through a "stag wall mount" or the charming presence of "Louie the Mouse," adds a layer of whimsy and wonder, turning every room into a space where stories unfold and adventures await.

The Creator Behind the Magic: Jessica Hiemstra

Artist Jessica Hiemstra with Eric and Eloise Book

Jessica Hiemstra is the Creator of This Enchanting Wall Mount Decor

Toronto based Jessica Hiemstra is the creative force behind the Eric the Hare & Friends wall mount collection, is more than an author and illustrator. Jessica's work, a fusion of whimsy and detail, transforms the written page into extraordinary wall mount art for you home.

From Pages to Wall Mount Brass Taxidermy Head Sculptures: A Story of Artistic Evolution

Hiemstra's path from the pages of her "Eric and Eloise" series to creating these bronzed aluminum vintage brass finish animal head wall mount sculptures showcases her versatile talent. Each sculpture, including the Frankie the Stag wall mount, Eric the Hare wall mount, and Eloise the Fox wall mount, is imbued with the essence of her artistic narrative, making them unique pieces of metal wall art to hang on any wall.

Crafting Characters: Bringing Stories to Life

In Hiemstra's world, each character is a storyteller. Beatrice the Bear and Louie the Mouse, alongside their companions, are not mere decor items but embodiments of stories waiting to be told. Her approach to accent decor is not just about aesthetics but about bringing characters to life in bronzed aluminum elegance.

The Intersection of Art and Home Decor

The artistic vision of Jessica Hiemstra and her Eric & Eloise Collection seamlessly blends the realms of imaginative storytelling and home decor. Her creations are not just accent decor wall mounts; they are characters with narratives cast in bronzed aluminum, offering a unique way to incorporate "stag wall mount" elements into modern home styling.

A Legacy of Whimsy and Elegance

Through her work, Jessica Hiemstra has established a legacy that resonates with lovers of both art and interior design. The "Frankie the Stag & Friends" collection, inspired by her "Eric Eloise collection," stands as a testament to her ability to enchant spaces with storytelling, turning every room into a chapter of wonder.

Meet the Characters

Beatrice the Bear

Gentle Beatrice, with her serene aura, brings a comforting presence to any space. Her nurturing demeanor makes her perfect for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, ideal for those cozy corners in your home.

Charlie the Goose

Charlie, with his poised stance and watchful eyes, adds a touch of whimsical alertness. His presence in your decor is like a breath of fresh air, bringing a lively spirit to your surroundings.

Eloise the Fox

Eloise, the epitome of cunning elegance, infuses sophistication into your decor. Her sleek and graceful design makes her a versatile addition, suitable for both modern and traditional settings.

Emerson the Pheasant

Emerson, with his regal bearing and vibrant plumage, is a celebration of nature's beauty. His presence adds a dash of color and grandeur, perfect for elevating the aesthetic of any room.

Eric the Rabbit

Playful Eric, with his delicate features and clever expression, adds a lively touch to your decor. His whimsical charm is sure to capture hearts and ignite conversations.

Eugene the Moose

Majestic Eugene, with his imposing antlers and calm demeanor, brings a sense of grandeur and wilderness to your space. He's an ideal centerpiece, embodying the spirit of the great outdoors.

Frankie the Stag

Frankie, our signature piece, is the epitome of forest majesty. With his magnificent antlers and gentle gaze, he adds a royal touch of nature’s beauty to your home.

Louie the Mouse

Louie, the tiniest yet mightiest among our friends, offers intricate
detailing that adds subtle charm. Ideal for smaller spaces, he proves
that great stories come in small packages.

Margie the Doe

Margie, with her graceful posture and serene expression, brings a gentle, calming presence. Her elegance is a reminder of the quiet beauty that nature holds.

Whether you choose one as a statement piece or gather a group for an eclectic display, these characters from the Eric & Eloise collection are perfect for adding a touch of storytelling and wonder to your home decor.

A Closer Look

Craftsmanship and Quality

Crafted from high-quality bronzed aluminum with an antique brass finish, each sculpture in this collection stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship. The intricate details, from textured fur to expressive eyes, showcase the artistry behind these pieces. Durable and elegant, they are designed to be cherished for years.