Two women from the East Coast, who share a love for spindle beds, bun feet, hydrangeas, the color green, and wine came together to create Thomas Lee Living. They met on the West Coast and bonded over their shared careers in the lighting and home furnishings industry. With a desire to bring traditional style infused with coastal elements, modern shapes, and classic design to their customers, they hand-selected each piece in their collections.

The Importance of Home

Your home is not a stage—it's your story. It's a place where you live with your treasures and family portraits, old and new. At Thomas Lee Living, we understand this because we approach our homes in the same way. We want them to be beautiful places full of things we love that tell our stories.

We believe that every home should be an expression of its owner's personality and style. Whether you're drawn to traditional pieces with a twist or contemporary designs with a pop of color, we have something for everyone. We also believe that your home should be comfortable and inviting—a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

Creating Your Story with Thomas Lee Living

We hope that our products will help you write your own story—one that is beautiful, unique, and personal. We are constantly on the lookout for new pieces that will inspire you and help you express your individual style. And because we know that everyone's story is different, we offer a wide range of styles, sizes, finishes, and price points.

We invite you to browse our site and discover the perfect pieces for your home. And if you need any help along the way, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Meet the Women Behind Thomas Lee Living

Anne Thomas Keen

Thomas being my middle name, not my last name. I’ve been called Anne Thomas my whole life. I was named after my grandfather who passed away when I was very young. I grew up on the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia, where it is common to have a double name. I share most of my childhood memories with my 2 sisters. The home I grew up in belonged in the pages of Southern Living magazine. I was surrounded by antiques, family heirlooms, folk art and a mom who is a perfectionist. I guess this is where it all started for me, my love for antiques, beautiful fabrics and wallpapers, spool beds and bun feet.

Fast forward, I went to art school at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and graduated with an Interior Design degree. My first job out of college I managed and merchandised a very eclectic home decor store. I travelled with the owner to England and we searched the countryside for antique pine furniture and collectibles to fill a shipping container. I attended buyer’s markets in High Point, Atlanta and New York. I travelled to San Miquel, Mexico to buy hand-crafted tile and iron work from the local artisans. I got the taste of travel and the appreciation for beautiful objects. I worked for several design studios a long my journey and eventually landed a lighting buyer’s position buying for 4 showroom locations. It was 1997 and I attended my first Dallas Lighting market. Boy, was I lit up! (Pun intended!) Who knew there was so much lighting. I spent close to 8 years in this position before I moved on to architectural lighting. I went to work for a commercial lighting agency representing over 100 commercial lighting vendors and calling on architects and engineers. This is where I got my technical training and learned how to generate point by point layouts for parking lots and hospital corridors for foot-candle requirements. After 5 years of that I was done and needed to get back to my creative roots. So, I went to work for a home décor agency and represented decorative home furnishing vendors and called on retail stores and designers. I had the best lines in the industry, nice customers and an easy territory. I was there for 3 years and just starting to really get in my groove when I was approached about a buying position. This time it was for an ecommerce company looking for a senior buyer. After weighing the pros and cons of being a rep, all the travel and crazy schedule I decided to go back to an office, work 9 to 5 and buy products. This time it was different. I was designing exclusive lighting products and buying products from lighting to wall décor to rugs. I had the best of both worlds, buying and designing.

I lived in Richmond, Virginia for 27 years. Seven years ago, I followed my heart and happiness and moved to San Diego, California. I jumped around with jobs for the first 6 years trying to find that dream job I left behind in Virginia. I managed a lighting showroom for 3 and a half years until it got shut down by the corporate office. I walked away with this little nugget of knowledge; managing product is a lot easier than managing people. I landed a position with a lighting agency who represented decorative lighting vendors to retail stores and designers. Although I had been on the road before representing lighting products, it was different this time. I was on the other side of the country, dealing with traffic I have never experienced before, dealing with a tougher customer I have never dealt with before and if I can be honest, I felt like a punching bag. At the end of the day the only thing I accomplished was more miles on my car. I felt defeated and was ready to give up on the only trade I know and love and that’s when I met Kirstin Lee. It wasn’t the first time we met that brought us together, it was years later when we were both looking for inspiration and someone to cheer us on in this industry and we found it in each other. We both share a passion for antiques and traditions and both spent most of our careers in decorative lighting with similar paths. And bonus, we are both east coast girls dreaming to get back there some day. This is how Thomas Lee Living came to be. A collaboration of east coast roots, southern upbringing and traditional style.

Kirsten Lee Recce

Hi, I’m just Kirsten although my middle name is Lee. This is how our company name came to be combining our middle names. My mom named me Kirsten because she thought there would be no nicknames. Little did she know.
I grew up primarily in the Maryland Virginia area although I think I moved nearly 18 times by the time I graduated from high school. We also lived in Athens, GA when I was little while my dad went to Veterinary School. Go Dawgs! I attended high school in Puerto Rico as my parents wanted to try sailing beyond the Chesapeake Bay, and I studied at Indiana University.

I grew up sailing and crabbing and exploring towns all around where we lived. I have been to 48 states so far. Funny that I have yet to be in North Dakota and Hawaii. I was a girl scout and member of 4H where I developed my love of sewing and table settings. I still have all my ribbons somewhere! I was sewing all my own clothes by the time I was 10. I continued to sew regularly through high school. Later I took up quilting, but lately I can’t say these hands have created much in the needlework category although I am itching to get back into the creative mode.

I moved to California in 1989. I quit my job, loaded up my Toyota Corolla with a TV, sewing machine and all the fabric I could fit and headed out for love. Another thing I have in common with Anne Thomas. I married my California boy (born and raised in Delaware) in 1990 and we have two kids and a dog.

After getting married, I knew my passion wasn’t accounting in the corporate world which is where I was going. My right brain was definitely willing to go to battle with the left and win! I had begun shopping antique stores when we first got married looking for treasures for my new home. I went on to get my Certified Property Appraiser License and began doing appraisals and estate liquidations on the side for fun. One day I was strolling through downtown Carlsbad and saw a sale sign in the window of this antique store. Next thing I know, I quit that corporate job and buy this little lamp repair shop located in the back of an antique store. It was a 100 sq ft. business, which thirty years later is now 6,500 sq. ft.

Fast forward 30 years, We have grown from the shade shop and lamp repair to a full service lighting and home décor showroom. We specialize in lighting, but we sell most categories of home décor including custom upholstery, wall art, rugs and accessories. We have won several awards for our merchandising, business practices and community support. We work very closely with the design trade in San Diego County.

Last year Anne and I reconnected at the Vegas market and decided to car pool together back to San Diego. The rest is history. Sometimes our minds blowup from all the ideas and possibilities. We have so much in common, and finding each other has brought renewed enthusiasm to both of us in an industry we love. We love seeking out new products and looking for ways to share lifestyles and memories we wish would come back into the 21st century. A time of slowing down, screened in porches, the smell right before it rains, crab feasts, weekends at the shore, quilting, cooking, table settings hand written thank you notes and so much more.

We are venturing on what I would call a fun filled and inspiring road trip. We hope you’ll come along.