Creating Your Own Gallery Wall in Your Home

Have you ever wanted to create your own gallery wall? It can be both exciting and a non starter at the same time. If you have never done anything like it before, it can feel overwhelming at the thought of having to coordinate colors, frames, subjects, and sizes. I spent countless hours browsing the internet for inspiration, looking through catalogs of art, and trying to find pieces that speak to me.


I Start With Pieces I Already Have

Before I look to purchase anything, I look through pieces I already have in my home. I look for things that are personal and sentimental as I want these items I see everyday to bring me joy and fond memories. Some things will be obvious like photos and art that are already framed. Next might be photos and art that need to be framed. Then you want to reach farther. Look for items like textiles or letters that could lend themselves to being framed. Don't forget to include architectural items that can add to the story like an old hinge a skeleton key or an old piece of fret work in wood or iron. A small shelft that is not too deep can also work so small but unframed items can be added to the story.

Think of the Gallery as the Story of YOU!

The items should tell the story of you: vacations that you went on, things you like to collect, concerts you have been to, favorite photos of your favorite people. The opportunities are endless to tell the story of YOU.

I recently completed a gallery wall in my guest room. The moment when all my art was finally hung up was one of pure joy! Each piece told its own story – from an embroidery piece made by my mother in the 1960’s to a poster from the Royal Academy of Arts in London; which I visited during a recent trip; to an antique antler set found in an antique store while visiting Pennsylvania; as well as a dream catcher from Indian Canyons Reserve; and more — this gallery wall became a reflection of me and my life experiences.

Now every time I pass by this wall or look at it from afar, it brings me such happiness! It is an expression of who I am filled with memories both past and present — reminding me of moments shared with loved ones as well as journeys taken around the world. My mom recently gave me a piece of an old quilt her mother made from sugar sack fabrics which will soon make its debut amongst my beloved art collection — reminding me not only how special this wall is but also how much family means to me.

Creating this gallery wall has been such an enjoyable journey for me. There is something empowering about taking all these elements you love —artwork, photos, trinkets—and transforming them into something meaningful and beautiful that reflects your own personal story!

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