Let’s Talk Pillows

 Let me start by saying I love pillows. My current pillow count in my home is 54 pillows. This includes all the pillows on the sofas, daybed, bedroom beds, chairs, floor and outdoor. So, I don’t consider this unreasonable or cause for concern. Pillows are non-committal. They are like a short-term rental. They are just hanging out for a season or until they start to fall apart and unstuff themselves or until I am just ready for a change. I can’t pin point exactly when this obsession, let’s just call it love, started. I’ve always loved fabrics and this is my way of adding textiles and easily changing them out without breaking the bank. It’s better than getting a chair re-upholstered every season! The fun thing about pillows is mixing and matching, not only with colors and patterns, but mixing expensive and not so expensive pillows to make them all look classy.

 What makes a pillow cost more?

 Well, it’s a combination of materials. Let’s start with the fill. Pillows with 100% down fill are going to cost a heck of a lot more than a foam filled pillow but they will hold their shape better than foam and not to mention more comfortable. Down fill is sourced ethically and sustainably and cruelty free by the way. Next is the grade of fabric. A good pillow will be made with upholstery grade fabric which will hold up better over time. Usually, the more expensive pillows will have a seamless zipper so you can remove the cover and dry clean. It may seem like a big investment at first but if your sofa pillows get abused like mine do, I think the nicer pillows are the way to go. Otherwise, you are spending just as much on cheaper pillows over time. If it’s hard for you to swallow $200 on a pillow start with a patterned pillow that’s a little out of your wallet’s comfort zone then work around that one until you can build up a good base of nice pillows. Some of my pillows I have had for years, I mean like 5, 10, and 15 years. Those are the pillows that will never end up in the donate pile.

Pillows are an easy way to change up your look for each season.

 If you have neutral furniture like I do, then swapping out pillows is an easy way to add some color or pattern for each season or keep year-round. For example, in the winter I like to use lots of jewel tones and rich textures like velvet or faux fur. In the spring and summer, I lighten things up with white or pastel-colored pillows made from linen or cotton and like to mix florals and gingham. I also like to mix different shapes and sizes of pillows on my sofas and beds. This adds some visual interest and keeps things from looking too “matchy matchy”. You can really get creative with patterns, textures and styles. Moving pillows from one room to another can be a simple refresh without spending a dime once you build up your stock pile.


Let’s recap. Pillows are an easy way to refresh a room with color, pattern, texture and style. Invest in a couple of really nice pillows and fill in with less expensive ones. Get creative and have fun with your pillows. We would love to see what you come up with. Use #❤️thomasleeliving to share your pillow creations with us.



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