Anne and I are buzzing with excitement over our latest collection—it's a project that tugs at our heartstrings. My journey in this industry began as an appraiser and a dealer of fine antiques, while Anne's roots are deeply embedded in a childhood surrounded by historical treasures. She has lived and restored a historic home in Richmond, and embarked on international quests to procure European antiques for a former employer.


There's one truth we've come to learn: unless you're fortunate enough to have relatives showering you with heirlooms, assembling a home brimming with the charm of collected history is no small feat. It demands time—lots of it.

This realization spurred us to create Thomas Lee Living. We understand many of you yearn for that storied aesthetic without the luxury of time to hunt down each piece. As Anne and I roam the globe, laying eyes on countless products, we aim to spotlight the true gems amid the sea of ordinary, hopefully giving you more moments to relish the sanctuary of your home.

I have a passion for collecting items that resonate with me, sparking conversations. My home is a testament to this, where most pieces tell some sort of tale or historical significant, reflecting the interests and hobbies my husband and I share. We collect vintage purses, antique textiles, music boxes, antique sewing implements, scientific instruments, peg lamps and so much more. I no longer have much time to antique so I have learned to blend my old with the new that we are surrounded with everyday in this venture. I love that I can mix quality new dishes and accessories in with my vintage treasures and am able to tell a cohesive and evolving story.

Enter our "Curiosities Collection." Created to inject a dash of uniqueness and intrigue into your decor, it's the perfect way to add personality to desks, bookshelves, and accent tables. We've curated an eclectic mix, featuring everything from maritime and colonial pirate-inspired pieces to barware, and of course, a sprinkle of animal-themed items because our love for fauna knows no bounds. Dive in—find that piece that not only speaks to you but also brings a smile to your face.

Cheers! Kirsten Lee

Founded in Tradition. A style that tells a story.