Anne and I were enchanted by France this past autumn, and from that adventure, our exclusive Parisian Prints collection was born. Captured through our lens while wandering the French landscape, these prints are a love letter to the everyday magic of Paris. Imagine them as a vignette on a cherished wall in your home, each serene and organic image weaving together the threads of romance, history, and design that are quintessentially French. The only thing missing? A bottle of Bordeaux to complete the scene. We hope these prints beckon you to celebrate France's heart and soul in your own space.

Reflecting on France, I'm transported back to a midnight dinner with my mom, nestled in a lively local café by the Seine. Anne and I savored countless memorable meals there, each invariably featuring some variant of cheese. Embarrassed to say, more than once the butter might have been mistaken as another piece of fromage on the plate. It was the rustic charm of Pojo near the Moulin Rouge, where the owner single-handedly played hostess, waitress, busser, bartender, and passionate entrepreneur, and relishing grilled octopus and duck à l'orange, the cuisine was exceptional. More than the food, it was the dining experience that captivated me—the leisurely pace that encourages you to savor each bite, breathe deeply, engage in conversation, and people-watch. It's a unique rhythm of life unmatched anywhere else. Even dining on our balcony, with Bordeaux and an abundance of cheese, echoed this exquisite ritual. I've never returned from a trip feeling so satisfied.

In France, life decelerates. There's a structured hierarchy of life's pleasures that demand recognition, many revolving around experiential richness, both in tradition and in sensory delight.

On our final evening, we indulged in sardines, a tribute now included in our Paris collection. We've gathered images of Paris bistro table sets, a staple of every outdoor café, and cheese plates as an homage to our culinary adventures. Not to forget, the abundance of flowers—we were in Bordeaux amidst the grape and sunflower harvest season.

Paris encapsulates romance, design, Art Nouveau, the elegance of marble and stone, the intricacy of ironwork, the grace of manners, the beauty of poetry, the serenity of rivers, and the depth of history. Our latest finds are a mosaic of what inspires us most about France. Because, in the end, everyone needs a touch of Paris in their life.

Cheers! Kirsten Lee and Anne Thomas

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