Oh, the beach life! Growing up on the East Coast, the beach wasn't just a place; it was a vibe, a muse, a second home. I can still feel the salty air on my face, the sun-drenched sand underfoot, and waves crashing in my ears. Fast forward 46 years, and I've swapped coasts, landing a block and a half from the Pacific in sunny San Diego. Yet, my heart still whispers, “East Coast, best coast,” and I’m already plotting my retirement back east. But that’s a story for another time another blog.

Growing Up Beachy Keen

My childhood home? Picture an editorial spread right out of Southern Living Magazine, photos full of antiques and family heirlooms, as traditional as it gets. Not a wicker chair or carved wooden fish in sight. Not a single so-called coastal décor in the house. Our beachy credentials lay hidden in the garage: surfboards, beach cruisers, and sandy flip-flops. Those antiques? They seeped into my soul. My own home on the east coast boasted a curated collection of American and English antiques. But I’ve added a twist – a relaxed, coastal flair. Think seagrass rugs with overlapping cowhides, beach scenes adorning the walls, and fabrics and wallpaper in every shade of blue and green.

Blending Households

When I set sail for San Diego, I had to pare down my beloved pieces to merge with an already furnished home. Talk about a style transformation! After a few years and some major renovations, I’ve crafted a look of old and new that works for everyone. I even added in some coastal décor like a framed 1930s vintage swimsuit, an ottoman decked out in palm tree fabric with leopard print edges, and a Victorian shell art trinket box from the Paris Flea Market to name a few.

Coastal Vibes

Antiques and the beach – they’re both forever in my heart and home. Blending these two loves is an ongoing adventure, one I embrace with open arms and sandy toes. With that said let me introduce you to our new collection, Beachy Keen. We hope you find this collection as inspiring and refreshing as we do. It's a gentle nod to coastal living with clean, traditional designs and casual elements that make your home feel cozy and fresh. From lighting to wall décor, rugs to accessories, this collection offers a touch of coastal style without overdoing it. Refined, fresh, and perfect for creating a beautiful beach-inspired home. Dive in and let the waves of style wash over you!

Cheers, Anne Thomas