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Absinthe Balancier Server

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Designed for the Absintheur, the Balancier is an alternative way to add sugar and water to traditional absinthe. Commonly referred to as a Cusenier "Auto Verseur" or see-saw, due to its lever motion, this tool is designed to make a single serving. To use, pour a dose of absinthe into a glass, then balance an absinthe spoon atop the rim and a sugar cube atop the spoon. Place the Balancier over the spoon and the glass rim, with the lever over the sugar cube. Add ice and water into the reservoir, and as it passes through the small hole at the bottom, it'll flow onto the lever, creating a see-saw motion that drops water into the glass of absinthe. Tweak according to personal taste; add more water or sugar as desired. Now, it's ready to drink! Stainless steel. 4.75"Hx3"W